My prayer for the magnificent KXBJ FM radio station is that God will continue to bless them with donations so that that can continue their wonderful work. Not a day goes by that I am not tuned into their spreading the Word and playing glorious Gospel sounds that enriches the heart and the soul. The sermons I listen to each day enables me to get through each hour of the day, without complaint and I thank ever radio DJ for helping us Christians to stay strong!

If I want soul food, I tune into KXBY FM radio station especially when my day at work turns into the proverbial nightmare. When you are working with brides-to-be, you will understand just how difficult they can be in regards to their choices. If it was not for the daily and continued inspiration, I receive from the wonderful ministries and constant reminder that we are here through the Grace of Our Heavenly Father I probably would have given up on brides.


I am the CEO of and one thing that gets me through the day, is prayer. So many people forget where they come from and just how blessed they are even to have jobs. I say thanks every day for everything, I have, I am humble and know that without help from Above, I would be nothing and the word spread through KXBJ is trulely remarkable and heartwarming!

During a visit to my cousin in Victoria recently I went to a concert, which was hosted in honor of their Pastor leaving their congregation. It was a wonderful inspirational service, with powerful words and music. I was utterly surprised to hear that the event, the music and even the ministry was from a local FM Radio station, KXBY! I did not realize that there was a Christian radio station right online simply when you tune into 89.3 FM. I am amazed, sure to continue listening to their regular shows, especially when their event was so powerful.


Each morning before I head out to work, I tune into 89.3 FM KSBJ, but not to listen to the news, weather or gossip updates of my area or the world. I tune into KXBJ, their substation, a Christian community who gives me my Daily Bread, which in my case is much needed prayers. I work as web designer at which is a sportsbooks comparison website. Due to the nature of the business we work with top online betting sites such Superbahis, bets10 and betboo and the stress of working in such a competitive industry sometimes threaten me to go despondent and close to giving up. However, I never give up and always look upward and forward, with the help of the non-profit organization that spread the Word of the Lord.